Top Things Every New Cricut Explore Owner Wants

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CONGRATS on making the choice to purchase the Cricut Explore machine !  It is really going to change the way you craft….in fact, I really believe Cricut should add this warning to the box label “MAY BECOME ADDICTED TO CRAFTING” .  But now that you have the Cricut Explore, what else do you need to use it and create ?   Thanks for the support by using my link @  And PROMO CODE:
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# 1 Cricut Explore Scoring Stylus  – one of the MOST fantastic features of the Cricut Explore OVER other die cutting machines is the ability to cut and score your projects at the same time. Cards and 3D projects will benefit from the Cricut Explore Scoring Stylus.  Get the tool…you won’t regret having it. Note: Sold Separately from Cricut Basic Tool Kit. CLICK TO PURCHASE@SCORING STYLUS

Score Tool

# 2 Cricut Tool Kit – at a minimum, you will want to have the spatula and the hook tool. The scrapper also comes in really handy as well as the tweezers and who couldnt use another pair of scissors too.  And guess what? The Cricut Explore has TWO tool storage areas on board to keep those tools handy when you create.  The cup on the top of the machine and a hidden storage area for tools in the lower inside door.  How cool is that !  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE BASIC TOOL SET

Cricut Basic Tool Set

# 3 Cricut German Carbide Premium Blade – Cricut created the most amazing cutting blades made from German Carbide…they cut so much better and last longer than the regular Cricut blades (which by the way, can be used in Cricut Explore and vice versa).   It is good die cutting practice to ALWAYS HAVE 1 SPARE BLADE ON HAND…it’s Murphy’s law that something is likely to happen when you least expect it and who wants to stop crafting because their blade is warn out or broken?  Not me  that’s for sure.  In fact, in the Cricut Explore hidden storage area for tools, there is an extra compartment just for keeping your Cricut Blades. GENUIS IDEA I TELL YOU !! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE GERMAN CARBIDE BLADE

German Carbide Cricut Blade

# 4 Cricut Mats Bundle – And another good die cutting practice is to ALWAYS HAVE A SPARE MAT OR TWO ON HAND !  The Cricut Explore comes with 1 mat in the box….but if you are creating a lot, you are going to use up that mat in no time. Or the thing I like to do is double up on my mat usage so I have one in my machine cutting while the other one is being loaded with the next material to cut. While that one is in the machine, the other is being unloaded of the material and the cycle continues until everything is all cut out. There are 3 different types of mats to help you create with a variety of materials.  Green – standard grip, Blue – light grip and Purple – strong grip. Get the Cricut Mat Bundle so you always have the right mat on hand ! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE CRICUT MAT BUNDLE

3 Mat Variety

# 5 Cricut Explore Deep Cut Blade/Housing – The Cricut Explore is capable of cutting a tremendous amount of various materials from paper to chipboard, from cloth to leather and more.  But to do the best job on cutting thicker materials like chipboard, leather, magnet sheets and thicker glitter papers even, the Cricut Explore Deep Cut Blade is a must have in my opinion. Note: This is blade and housing are specific to the Cricut Explore, you can not use another Cricut Deep Cut housing in the Cricut Explore. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE DEEP CUT HOUSING

Deep Cut Blade Housing

# 6 Cricut Pens – Another fantastic feature of the Cricut Explore is the ability to write on your images and cut them out AT THE SAME TIME !  So having pens to use is a great thing.  The Cricut Explore has an accessory housing holder installed on the machine already that is used to put the writing pen or the Score Tool mentioned in #1 on this list. The pen holder ONLY FITS CERTAIN PENS. Note: Don’t ever force a pen into the holder as it can break it.  Cricut has made special pen sets in 4 different color packs OR the Variety Pen Set in Black is perfect for journaling and adding sentiments to your die cut images.   Start out by using these pens to get the best results. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE CRICUT PENS




# 7 Cricut CardstockMost crafters do some paper crafting to start using their Cricut Explore machines such as card making, party decor, scrapbooking, etc. Cricut makes their own brand of papers that cuts perfectly in Cricut Explore and comes in both 12X12 and 12X24 for those extra big projects. Note: You want to use a good quality cardstock to ensure smooth cuts. There are multi-color packs and single color packs to choose from to suit every need.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE CRICUT CARDSTOCK



#8 Cricut Glitter Cardstock – Not all Glitter Paper is created equal.  You need to have some that the glitter stays put, cuts great in Cricut Explore….and is shiny and pretty too.  Cricut now offers some amazing Glitter paper that is available in 12X12 packs of multi-colors or single color packs !  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE GLITTER PAPER



# 9 Cricut Vinyl… Iron On and more…and Transfer Tape   – You will need Vinyl and Transfer Tape to use with your Cricut Explore for making gifts or home decor projects such as custom wood signs, wall decor,  glassware, etc.   Cricut brand Vinyl permanent indoor OR outdoor vinyl and there is even Glitter Vinyl too . It comes in a variety of single colors or a variety sampler packs. Cricut also makes a clear transfer tape now that makes transferring your Vinyl to your project so much easier !   CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE VINYL OR TRANSFER TAPE 




Cricut  Iron-On Vinyl is perfect for making custom tshirt making, baby items, tote bags, home decor such as pillows,etc.  It works with your household iron or a heat press.         It comes in over 49 colors AND there is even glitter iron on !  Plus there is also PRINTABLE IRON ON for both Dark and LIGHT Colored Fabric.  It is all easy to cut using the custom setting on the Smart Set Dial.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE IRON ON.


# 10  – Cricut Printables With the Print Then Cut feature on the Cricut Explore, its fun to be able to print and cut out other materials besides white cardstock.  Cricut has these awesome packs of Printable Vinyl, Printable Sticker Paper, Printable Magnets, Printable Fabric that are  a perfect compliment To Cricut Explore Print Then Cut projects. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE CRICUT PRINTABLES

Cricut Printables

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Happy Crafting and Happy Shopping ! Debbie 

All my comments are my own opinions on those products. I appreciate your support when you purchase using the post links.

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