No More Fighting Over Beach Gear Part 1

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You’ve waited all year for the family beach trip. Everyone is excited to go !  But you are already dreading the inevitable “No that’s Mine !” from the kiddos, right ?


Well how about changing that this year with the help of your Cricut machine.  Take a few minutes to Monogram Beach Gear so there is NO question over what belongs to whom.  It’s super easy.


Let me share with you how in just a few simple steps we can restore YOUR excitement over the family beach trip. Are you ready for cool ocean breezes in your hair and warm sand on your toes and a much more tranquil vacation ?

THIS IS A TWO-PART SERIES. In this first post, you will learn how to use Cricut Everyday Iron-on with your beach gear.  In the second post, you will learn how to use the Cricut Permanent Vinyl on your beach gear. Enjoy and more importantly, HAVE FUN AT THE BEACH ! 


In addition to your beach gear, you will need the following Cricut items:



I recommend the Cricut Everyday Iron-On be used. It can be applied to canvas tote bags, towels, coverups etc. perfect for taking to the beach. It comes in a large variety of colors too.

Rolls of Cricut Everyday Iron-On

















The best way to adhere Cricut Everyday Iron-On to your project is using the Cricut Easy Press.  It has a consistent heat plate designed specifically for adhering iron-on vinyl for best results.        In this tutorial, I will using the Cricut Easy Press.


Tip:  There is a Cricut Heat Guide you can check to set your temperature and time when using the Cricut Easy Press to apply the any of the Cricut Iron-On Types to help ensure your success every time.


You can also apply Cricut Everyday Iron on Vinyl using a household iron (dry, no water).  To find directions on how to use the household iron, please go to this Cricut link: Everyday Iron ON Cutting and Application Instructions for Household Irons.


Step 1.  Select and Size Your Monogram Letter in Design Space

Showing how to re-size Monogram in Cricut Design Space software

















Step 2.  Mirror Your Monogram Letter Prior to Cutting

Showing location of how to Mirror Monogram Image in Cricut Design Space Software












Step 3. Adhere the Cricut Everyday Iron-On with color face down (clear plastic liner side) on the Cricut Cut Mat. I prefer to use the Light Grip (blue) mat.

Correct orientation and placement of Cricut Iron-On located on Cricut Cutting Mat















Step 4. Place the Mat in the Cricut machine (Explore or Maker)

Placement of Cricut Cutting Mat in to Cricut Maker Machine for Cutting of Monogram Image
















Step 5. Be sure and select the Cricut Everyday Iron-On type for the Cut Setting in Cricut Design Space. Then continue to Cut.

Cut Settings in Cricut Design Space software for Cricut Iron-On in















Step 6:  Once your Cricut has cut out the Cricut Everyday Iron-On, remove from Mat. Trim about 1/4 inch around the monogram leaving it on the sticky sheet which is the liner.


Next, begin to weed away the part of the Monogram image you will not be using.  It is handy to do this with a Cricut Weeding Tool.

How to weed away Cricut Iron-On Monogram image

















Step 7.  Place a Cricut Easy Press Mat or a folded towel on a hard surface like a desktop.  Then place canvas tote bag on top of that. Next, either place another Cricut Easy Press Mat inside the tote OR a teflon protective sheet. Most importantly, do NOT skip this step.

Placement of Canvas Tote Bag on Cricut Easy Press Mat
















Step 8.  Center the cut Cricut Everyday Iron-On on the tote bag with the color facing up. There is a clear liner, eave that on for now.

Placement of the prepared Cricut Iron-On Monogram on the Tote Bag
















Step 9.  Heat up the Cricut Easy Press to 340 degrees. Directly place it over the Cricut Everyday Iron On Vinyl, making sure to avoid contact with any seams. Heat for 30 seconds. Then remove the Cricut Easy Press and return to the base.

Cricut Easy Press set at 340 degrees and placed on top of the Monogram image and tote bag for 30 seconds
















Step 10.  Allow the Cricut Everyday Iron On to cool down to touch, then remove the clear liner. After that the tote bag is ready to be stuffed full of Beach goodies !


You can use this same Cricut Everyday Iron-on technique to towels, cover ups and more.  Just be sure and select the right heat setting and time for the base material you are using.

In addition, follow this LINK to PART 2 of how to apply Cricut Permanent Adhesive Vinyl to Swim Bags, Beach Balls, Buckets and more to round out your Monogram Beach Gear.

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Easily Monogram Beach Gear with Cricut

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