Floating Ornament and Gift Holder

How Cricut Crafters Can Commemorate 2020 Global Pandemic

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WOW..how did we get to the holiday crafting season already ?

Have you even thought about what you need to get done or make between now and December to be ready for the holidays ?


Well my crafty friends, I’ve got something to share that will help YOU with your holiday planning, budgeting, crafting and decorating !


I’ve teamed up with 40 well known DIY and Crafting Experts to bring you the online HOLIDAY MAKER EVENT ! Psst…it’s about people who love to MAKE things, not just for Cricut Maker users encase you were wondering.


40 amazing classes all absolutely FREE November 4-8, just in time to help you plan and execute a less stressful holiday.


Speakers at Holiday Maker Event

…and It’s FREE ! Yes you read that right…FREE.  BUT YOU GOTTA HAVE A FREE TICKET to get it. So click the green button below and Register Now !

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So what class am I sharing at the Holiday Maker Event ?

I definitely wanted to commemorate this crazy pandemic year and tried to think of a good way to do that with my Cricut crafting.


And so…I made an ornament.  Not just any ornament, but a Floating 2020 Commemorative Ornament.


Debbie showing ornament for event

FYI – A floating ornament is a clear ornament with a piece inside that appears to float with the words of ornament on it.  They are fun to make and can be adapted to a variety of subjects and images.


I decided to keep my ornament lighthearted by using the phrase “The One Where We Were Quarantined” and toilet paper rolls for zeros in 2020.  The phrase is reminiscant of a favorite tv show catch phrase.


And I just couldn’t resist adding the toilet paper rolls as that was such a crazy global phenomonon to have toilet paper shortage of all things during the early days of the Pandemic.


It sort of became an ironic joke…you would ask someone “how are you doing” and them immediately,”did you see toilet paper anywhere you were shopping”.  I am sure you all can relate to that, right ?

Floating Ornament and Gift Holder

I am thinking this will make a wonderful keepsake for our family Christmas tree for generations to come. Wouldn’t you agree ?


I also figured it would make a great 2020 holiday gift for family and friends.  So I didn’t just stop there. I created a perfectly sized Ornament Gift Bag for the commemorative ornament as well.


The nice thing about the Ornament Gift Bag is that it only uses 1 sheet of 12X12 cardstock so it’s easy and economical to make with my Cricut.


It will be wonderful to have a unique gift for my family and friends that I made myself.

So my fellow Cricut Crafters, would you like to make this 2020 Commemorative Ornament and Gift Bag for your family and/or friends ?


I am sharing the SVG files and the Supply List below with all of you ! And you can watch the step-by-step tutorial at the HOLIDAY MAKER EVENT so don’t forget to REGISTER for your FREE TICKET now.


Just fill out the form below and the 2020 Commemorative Ornament and SVG Files will be sent to your email inbox.


Once you receive the file, you can download it to your device and then upload into Design Space.


If you need help on how to do that, please watch my easy to follow tutorial here: How to Download An SVG File and Upload in Cricut Design Space.


If someone you know would like the file, please share my post and they can sign up to get the file for their personal use.

The FREE SVG File also includes a handy PDF of the supplies for your quick reference.

list of supplies used for Ornament

Leave me a comment if you plan to make the 2020 Commemorative Ornament and Gift Bag. And I look forward to having you attend the HOLIDAY MAKER EVENT so you can make it along with me !

All my comments are my own opinions on those products. I appreciate your support when you purchase using the post links.

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  • Cheryl Polevchak

    I definitely will be making multiples of these ! Did Diva Days, Jolly Holidays and now this . You have helped me cope this year. What great escapes ! Thank you ,Debbie !


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